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Spring Has Sprung with April's New Leisure Pro Raffles!

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A Look Inside Florida's Aquarius Reef Base

A Look Inside Florida's Aquarius Reef Base

If you've ever been curious about the ways in which marine data is collected, you'll love this post about the Aquarius Reef Base near Key Largo, Florida!Read more »

A Look Inside Florida’s Aquarius Reef Base

aquarius reef base

If you’ve ever been curious about the ways in which marine data is collected, you’ll love this post about the Aquarius Reef Base near Key Largo, Florida!

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5 Sea Creatures in the Substrate

sea creatures in the substrate

What may appear as a barren underwater landscape to you is actually harboring myriad populations of life…check out these 5 sea creatures in the substrate!

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Get a Great Underwater Camera for Less Than $200!

underwater camera

Looking for an underwater camera setup but don’t have thousands to spend? Check out these great options for less than $200 from Leisure Pro!

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The Marine Life of Puget Sound

marine life of puget sound

While the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest may seem inhospitable to SCUBA divers, you don’t want to miss all the wonderful marine life of Puget Sound!

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Special of the Week: Princeton Tec 700 Lumens Sector 7 LED Light

princeton tec

Looking for a solid dive light at the lowest price you’ll find on the web? Check out Leisure Pro’s special of the week on the Princeton Tec Sector 7!

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Crazy Colors: Psychedelic Species of the Sea

species of the sea

The crazy colors and patterns of these marine species are nothing short of psychedelic…click here to see a collection of wild species of the sea!

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Last Chance Savings on Bare SCUBA Gear

bare scuba gear

Looking to save even more money on your next purchase of Bare SCUBA gear? Check out Leisure Pro’s last chance savings on these closeout items!

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3 Eco-Friendly Sea Turtle Destinations

eco-friendly sea turtle destination

If flippered reptiles are what you seek when you plan your vacations, check out these 3 eco-friendly sea turtle destinations the whole family will love!

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Cool SCUBA Gear Accessories from Leisure Pro

scuba gear accessories

Looking for the perfect SCUBA gear accessories to complete your dive package? Look no further than Leisure Pro, where you’ll find the best deals on the web!

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5 Awesome Marine Animal Defense Mechanisms

marine animal defense mechanism

When it comes to marine animal defense mechanisms, these 5 sea creatures are at the top of the list for creative methods to ward away would-be predators!

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