Leisure Pro’s 6th Annual Dive Demo Day a Success!


Leisure Pro’s 6th Annual Dive Demo Day at Dutch Springs went off without a hitch once again — click here to see photos from the day’s festivities!

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5 Arguments For Keeping Captive Cetaceans

captive cetaceans

We’ve discussed the arguments against keeping captive cetaceans, but let’s take a look at several arguments in favor of the practice here.

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5 Arguments Against Keeping Captive Cetaceans

captive cetaceans

The battle between conservationists and SeaWorld has never been more fierce, so we thought we’d offer a look at both sides of the captive cetacean argument.

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Health Benefits of Diving for Military Veterans

health benefits of diving

While anyone can experience a variety of health benefits of diving, military veterans are in a unique position to rehabilitate and thrive from SCUBA diving.

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Join Leisure Pro for the 6th Annual Dive Demo Day!

Leisure Pro Dive Demo Day

Don’t miss your chance to dive with the Leisure Pro pros and meet dozens of SCUBA gear manufacturers onsite at the 6th Annual Dive Demo Day at Dutch Springs!

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Aqwary Smart Console: Underwater Communication Evolution

Aqwary Smart Console

Underwater communication is no longer primitive — check out the Aqwary Smart Console system and be part of the underwater communication evolution!

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An Inside Look at the Costa Concordia

costa concordia

More than two years after the Costa Concordia met her untimely end along the Tuscany shore, the first look into the wreckage has been released.

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SCUBA News: Diver Down Law Changed in Florida

diver down

Important information on changes to the current diver down law in Florida pertaining to divers and snorkelers alike that takes effect July 1, 2014.

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A Sea Turtle Gets His Wings

sea turtle

There is no greater tragedy than when an animal loses its quality of life due to human error, but this injured sea turtle story has a happy ending for all.

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TekDive USA 2014

TekCamp 2013 Miami Florida 11

I had the pleasure of attending the first TekDive USA event May 17 & 18 in Miami Florida. Here I share the highlights of the seminars I was able to attend. How many of you are technical divers?

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