5 Interesting Jellyfish Species

Jellyfish are one of the most recognizable creatures in the ocean. Their ghostly appearance and drifting tentacles can be seen every oceanic clime around the world. Various species can vary as much in details as much as they do in territory. These unique details are what make each jellyfish species interesting in its own way.


“Immortal” Jellyfish

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia

Jellyfish reproduce in the same way, regardless of species. The male releases a cloud of sperm into the water that drift into the female and fertilize eggs she is carrying. From there they become swimmers until they settle on a rock and become polyps. The polyps grow into a colony that eventually forms an adult jellyfish. The interesting part of the immortal jellyfish is its ability to revert from the adult stage back to a polyp. This process of regression can be done repeatedly, essentially making the jellyfish immortal.


Upside Down Jellyfish

via John Pastor

via John Pastor

This species lives mostly in coastal waters within mangrove swamps. A type of algae resides in its tentacles. This algae uses sunlight and photosynthesis to provide energy to the host jellyfish. Because the light is required for sustenance, the jellyfish’s tentacles drift above the bell “head,” inverting the jellyfish in the water.


By-The-Wind Sailor

via  jillyspoon

via jillyspoon

These jellies appear quite similar to the average jellyfish, with one glaring exception. A sail grows from the top of their bell. This sail is used to catch the wind and move the jellyfish through the water. Masses of them can become stranded if storms or weather cause the winds to move in unusual ways.


Flower Hat Jelly

via walknboston

via walknboston

Purple, yellow, and orange are some of the colors that appear on pretty spring bonnets. Those same colors are also present on this jellyfish species. They also have the ability to lift their tentacles to their bell. This gives them the shapely appearance of a piece of colorful head wear to go along with the colors.


Fried Egg Jellyfish

via Arn@ud Ab@die

via Arn@ud Ab@die

These jellyfish swim in cooler waters. Their diaphanous bell also contains a yellow center. This gives them the appearance of a floating fried egg. Since some adults reach two feet in diameter, it would be similar in appearance to a fried ostrich egg.


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