Interesting Facts About the Ocean

The ocean has been a point of fascination throughout the ages. From the earliest times when people stood by the shore and wondered what was waiting in that vast expanse of water to the present day, the marine world continues to produce one interesting fact about the ocean after another. Here are just 5 interesting facts about the ocean that you can daydream about all day.


The Majority of the Earth is Ocean

via Kevin M. Gill

via Kevin M. Gill

Seventy percent of this amazing planet is actually covered by oceans. These gigantic bodies of water are truly the final frontier for Earth. There is so much that remains a mystery beneath the waves. As scientists and marine biologists study what’s beneath the surface, they only get small snapshots of what it is like down in the depths far below. Imagine if it were possible to see the ocean floors in their entirety!


The Oceans Are the World’s Largest Museums

via NOAA's National Ocean Service

via NOAA’s National Ocean Service

Human artifacts offer another interesting ocean fact. As human beings have traveled the seas throughout time, they have left a great deal of evidence behind. From islands that have succumbed to the sea to the Titanic and the fabled Lost City of Atlantis, the oceans hold more of Earth’s history than can be found on land.


The Largest Mountain Range on Earth is in the Ocean

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia

While the mountains on land are impressive, the ocean lays claim to the largest range on the planet. The mid-oceanic ridge system is connected and is part of every ocean. At over 80,000 miles in total length, it is a monumental geographic feature.


Only 5% of the Oceans Have Been Explored

via National Geographic

via National Geographic

Researchers discover new life forms on a regular basis when they delve into the ocean’s depths. Ninety-four percent of all life on the planet is actually aquatic, making land dwellers the minority. Only time will tell what will be brought to light next under the sea.


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