5 Best Dive Sites for Beginners in Florida

Individuals who recently obtained SCUBA certification are often anxious to discover an exhilarating place to dive. Fortunately, Florida has five dive sites for beginners that will leave them knowing why they chose to pursue this wonderful sport while allowing them to acclimate to their underwater surroundings and use their newly attained skills.


best dive sites for beginners

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One of the best dive sites for beginners is located at Islamorada. This “Village of Islands” that’s located in the Florida Keys has choice diving with reefs that are only 10 to 15 feet deep. A 287 foot freighter known as “Eagle” was sunk in the area and provides an excellent attraction to swim around and explore.


Looe Key Reef

best dive sites for beginners

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Looe Key Reef is also located in the Florida Keys and offers beginning divers an area where depths range from 3 to 15 feet. A snorkeling location is located between buoys 33 to 39 which is also be a prime spot for new divers to get used to exploration underwater. Massive visibility and the shallowness of the reef offer divers a chance to enjoy many different colors.



best dive sites for beginners

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Located at the midpoint of the Florida Keys, Marathon offers one of the most majestic reefs in the world. Sombrero Reef begins at the base of the Sombrero Key Lighthouse and is made up of a spur and groove formation that has numerous fingers. Mini canyons, sea caves and water depths ranging from 8 feet to 20 feet allow a diver to explore the reef and discover many different varieties of coral and fish species.


Molasses Reef

best dive sites for beginners

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Another one of the best dive sites for beginners to experience is located at Molasses Reef. This location is one of the best in the world for visibility and divers should be prepared to see barracuda, eagle rays, nurse sharks, and a wide range of other underwater animals.


French Reef

best dive sites for beginners

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The French Reef is known for its stunning limestone cliffs. Elkhorn coral can be found covering areas of the reef as well as star coral and brain coral. Divers should not be surprised to see parrotfish, grunts, jacks, and damselfish. Loaded with tunnels, ledges, and canyons, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the best dive sites for beginners to explore.

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