The Best Sites for a Williston Cave Dive

Williston, just a short drive from Gainesville and Hwy 75 in northern Florida, is renown among divers worldwide as a premiere place to go cave diving. The Williston area is a fantastic experience for certified cave divers, but it also holds an allure for divers without cave training, and even those who don’t dive at all. Cave diving is a step into a unique world, carved out by natural forces over eons, marked by a tranquility that only the underground can provide. Here are just a few of the best sites for a Williston cave dive.


Devil’s Den

williston cave dive

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When discussing the Williston cave dive scene, Devil’s Den is likely to be first on many cave divers’ list. This site is open every day except for Christmas, and provides a variety of different ways to explore. Here, you can SCUBA dive, snorkel, explore the cave on foot, camp, night dive, or even ride horses next door. There is something here for everyone, bursting with incomparable views whether you’re below the surface or above it.


Blue Grotto

williston cave dive

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The Blue Grotto is another unique Williston cave dive site that reigns very popular with all kinds of divers. With silt instead of sand, this beauty is known for maintaining its natural state. Blue Grotto is the largest clear water cavern, and divers can descend to 100 feet. There are no snorkelers or swimmers at this location, but cabins are available for those who wish to stay overnight. This location boasts a variety of different rental packages so you can be fully outfitted for your dive. Night diving is available upon appointment.


Ginnie Springs

williston cave dive

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Just a short drive away from Williston, Ginnie Springs won’t disappoint those looking for a diving adventure. Known for its crystal clear waters, this dive site is truly spectacular. Certified cave divers are welcome to explore over 30,000 feet of underwater passageways. The beauty and accessibility of this site make it incredibly popular, so be sure to get here early in the morning, or perhaps on a weekday, when crowds will be minimal.


Hart Springs

williston cave dive

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Another short drive from Williston, Hart Springs is a fairly low-traffic cave diving site, but no less interesting and enjoyable. Certified divers can enjoy the serenity of Hart Springs at a reasonable price, while the park offers plenty of appeal for land lubbers as well.

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