DEMA Show 2013: Day 4

The fourth and final day of the 2013 DEMA Show in Orlando Florida! One last seminar to attend, then run around like a madman to see everything I’ve missed so far. Be sure to check out Days 1, 2, and 3 for complete coverage.

DEMA 2020 Vision Session

For the past several years, Tom Ingram has facilitated a 2020 Vision Session at DEMA shows and select consumer diving shows across the country. The purpose of these sessions is to allow members of the industry to provide input as DEMA creates its future plans. I’ve now had the pleasure of attending several of these meetings on both sides of the US and find great value in hearing what people from all aspects of the industry think are the problems and solutions to helping grow SCUBA diving.

This year, groups were split between coming up with ideas to capture new divers and coming up with ideas to bring former divers back.

Attempting to get additional media exposure (part of why we work with ScubaNation) and gaining exposure through environmental projects (part of why we work with Coral Reef Alliance and a variety of regional clean up events) were two very common themes throughout the groups when it came time to present to the group.

However, as I shared in my Day 3 coverage, trying to create marketing programs that all the various member groups of the diving industry think benefit them most clearly is incredibly difficult. I’ve been attending these sessions for several years and can see several ideas presented early on coming to fruition. It takes time, but these sessions and DEMA make a difference.

Back to the Gear!

  • Uzzi's giant tie dye t-shirt
    I live in Oregon, a giant tie dye t-shirt is always going to impress me.
  • Uzzi's Scubanation t-shirts
    Uzzi shows off a selection of ScubaNation t-shirts
  • DEMA 2013 Day 4 SCUBAPRO’s new sidemount system
    SCUBAPRO was displaying their new X-Tek Sidemount system. As this niche grows, it won't be long before every manufacturer offers a sidemount option.
  • SCUBAPRO's X-Tek Sidemount from the front
    SCUBAPRO was displaying their new X-Tek Sidemount system. As this niche grows, it won't be long before every manufacturer offers a sidemount option.
  • A wall of SCUBAPRO masks and snorkels.
    A wall of SCUBAPRO masks and snorkels.
  • The Guardian of the Reef
    The Guardian of the Reef is a new sculpture by Simon Morris, on display at the DEMA show and to be placed underwater off Grand Cayman.
  • Uzzi has some fun with a mannequin.
    Uzzi has some fun with a mannequin.


The new Sealife Sea Dragon flash is a powerful, modular lighting system that’s designed to work well in all conditions and with any kind of glove divers may use. These lights can operate as still flashes, video lights, or standard dive lights.

PADI will be releasing the Open Water diver course in tablet form (iOS/Android) to complement their lineup of traditional learning (lecture / video) and elearning. Integrated videos and quick quizzes included, it looks incredibly professional and will be coming in 2014.

There are always plenty of innovations at the DEMA show. Some times it’s just a color option, some times a new blend of plastic. Other times it’s completely new inventions. The biggest moves this year would have to be in technical diving (sidemount, rebreathers, and technical training), ultraviolet dive lights, and improvements on taking our smart devices underwater.

If you’re a member of the diving industry, I would encourage you to plan to attend the 2014 DEMA Show in Las Vegas Nevada.

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